Navelink’s Developer Forum is a monthly recurring meeting where technology, insights, and innovative solutions for the maritime domain are discussed. In the most recent installment, held at the end of October, our team and esteemed guest presenter, Oliver Steensen-Bech Haag from MCC, delved into the world of the Maritime Messaging Service (MMS), exploring this important part of communication at sea. 

Here are some key takeaways from the discussions and insights from the event: 


Navelink’s Implementation of MIR 1.2.1  

During the meeting, we proudly announced the newest developments of Navelink’s Maritime Identity Registry, which is the implementation of MIR version 1.2.1 in our PROD environment. This latest iteration brings stricter validation of inputs and URLs, ensuring robust security. For all the details, head to, where you can explore the comprehensive release notes.  


Navelink’s Participation During IALA Week in Paris 

We also spoke about Navelink’s participation during the IALA week in Paris, where maritime experts from around the world convened to explore and shape the future of the maritime industry. Please read more about our key takeaways from this event in this post.  


Future Events: Navelink’s SECOM Hotel 

Navelink unveiled its ongoing work on a SECOM Hotel, an initiative with a preliminary release date planned for Q1 of 2024. This project promises to offer exciting possibilities, marking yet another milestone in our commitment to maritime innovation. The SECOM Service Hotel has a clear and customer-centric mission: delivering REST Services that align with the esteemed IEC standard 63173-2 SECOM. Navelink assumes the role of a trusted host, managing these services on behalf of our valued customers. This private REST service forms the backbone of the interaction between our customers’ applications and the SECOM ecosystem. Simultaneously, Navelink opens the gateway to a broader audience by offering a robust SECOM Public REST service for other interested consumers. 


Guest Presenter: Oliver Steensen-Bech Haag Spoke About MMS 

The highlight of the forum was a presentation by Oliver Steensen-Bech Haag from the Maritime Connectivity Consortium, MCC. His presentation shed light on the Maritime Messaging Service (MMS), a robust messaging service in maritime communication. Here’s a glimpse of the key takeaways: 

What is MMS? It is a messaging service designed to enable seamless information transfer across different communication links in a carrier-agnostic manner. It encompasses direct messaging using MRN as the locator, subject-based publish/subscribe of messages, and store-and-forward capabilities. 

Components of MMS: Oliver detailed the MMS Agent, MMS Router Network, and MMS Edge Router, highlighting their roles in the flow of information in the maritime world. 

Protocols: MMS leverages the Maritime Message Transfer Protocol (MMTP) and the Secure Maritime Message Protocol (SMMP) for secure and efficient data transfer. Oliver states that SMMP provides greater security guarantees than MMTP. 

Routers: Within this network, routers employ static beacons – steadfast nodes, to uncover other routers in the system. This strategic method results in a comprehensive list of known routers within the network, simplifying the process for new routers to seamlessly join this interconnected ecosystem. 

Ongoing and Future Work: MMS is an ever-evolving project, and Oliver discussed the ongoing work and the future roadmap. This includes standardization efforts within RTCM Special Committee 139 on Digital Maritime Messaging Service.  

For those eager to dive deeper, Oliver shared valuable resources for further reading, including the draft MMS specification and prototype implementations of various MMS components


The event concluded with a discussion on the potential synergies of Navelink, REST, MMS, and VDES, where technology and maritime expertise intersect. 

Furthermore, integration points between MMS and SECOM are being discussed. If you have any input on this, please contact us at

Navelink’s Developer Forum continues to be a platform for exchanging knowledge and ideas that will shape the future of maritime technology. The next meeting will be held on the 16th of November 2023. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments as we navigate towards a safer, more connected maritime world. 


Author: Milena Dalinaros