In recent months, Navelink has actively been participating in a series of meetings and conferences that have provided invaluable insights, fostered partnerships, and contributed to the evolution of the maritime industry. 


DSM 2023 – Donsö Shipping Meet: Navelink journeyed to the island Donsö outside of Gothemburg for this renowned gathering that brought together maritime experts, industry leaders, and innovators. Together, we delved into the latest developments and trends shaping the future of shipping.

BIMCO Meeting: Navelink’s engagement in the BIMCO meeting opened doors to discussions on standardization, the environment, and the future of the shipping industry. These topics align with our mission to reduce fragmentation within the maritime ecosystem. Here you can read more about our participation at the BIMCO meeting.

SMAGIC’23: We were on location in Copenhagen for the Smart Maritime Annual Global Innovation Congress. Focusing on digital transformation within the maritime domain, this event resonated with Navelink’s mission to revolutionize the industry’s secure digital information exchange. Here you can read more about our participation at SMAGIC’23.

IALA DTEC01 Meeting: Our journey continued to Paris, where we attended the IALA DTEC01 meeting. Discussions revolved around enhancing navigational aids and technologies. The insights gained here have a direct impact on improving safety and efficiency in maritime navigation. Here you can read more about our participation in IALA DTEC01 meeting.

MCP@IALA Meeting: Navelink’s participation in the MCP@IALA meeting allowed us to explore the Maritime Connectivity Platform’s role in promoting secure digital information exchange. This event reinforced our commitment to creating a cooperative environment for maritime actors. Here you can read more about our participation in MCP@IALA meeting.

CIRM Annual Conference 2023: At the CIRM meeting in Izmir, Navelink joined industry leaders to address critical matters related to marine electronics, navigation, and communication. The knowledge shared here is instrumental in our pursuit of secure digital communication within the maritime sector. Here you can read more about our participation at the CIRM Annual Conference 2023.


Our participation in these meetings and conferences underscores Navelink’s commitment to innovation, safety, and sustainability within the maritime community. Navelink, governed by Combitech, is looking forward to the ongoing journey of shaping the maritime future and forging new connections that will benefit the industry as a whole.


Author: Milena Dalinaros