The Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) continues its commitment to the development of the sea traffic management (STM) concept, services based on global standards and the use of Navelink as the platform for another three years.

– Sea Traffic Management, STM, is implemented on three pillars: data standards, a standardized infrastructure and services. SMA has helped establish the standards needed, we provide several services to ships coming to Sweden and sailing in the Baltic Sea. Navelink is the operational infrastructure provider that completes the whole picture, says Ulf Siwe, Swedish Maritime Administration, SMA.

– We are very honored by the Swedish Maritime Administration continued engagement says Anders Wendel, Head of Navelink, Combitech. And we welcome all actors, private and public, to join the growing ecosystem for information sharing, both as users and as consortium members.

Navelink’s Maritime Connectivity Platform is one step in the digital transformation of the maritime sector and the numbers of users is increasing steadily among the 100 different services offered. Interest in this type of solution is increasing, and many organizations and companies in the maritime sector want to digitalize the industry. Combitech is tasked as being the governance organization to delivering the infrastructure service.

About Navelink

Navelink is a non-profit sea traffic management industry consortium initiated by the industrial companies Kongsberg, Saab and Wärtsilä. The aim of the consortium is to reach a new global standard enabling scalable maritime information exchange for the maritime sector, improving both efficiency and security while lowering the environmental footprint.

Anders Wendel
Head of Navelink
+46(0)10 – 217 02 99