Navelink is now providing a cloud solution to host our customers services following the generic “Voyage Information Service”(VIS) design. This service is provided to ensure a cheap and easy way to publish a service without the need to create a hosting solution as well as providing a service. To procure space on Navelinks VIS-hotel please contact for futher details.

The VIS Hotel is a separate server by Navelink. Each VIS Instance is connected to a unique Service Identity in Navelink Registry. Each VIS Instance has one public side that is registered in Navelink Service Registry, and one private side where the parent application connects. This design makes it possible also for ships to connect and poll the VIS Instance for messages whenever the ship wants. The VIS Instance is always available for others to send data to like a postbox.

The VIS Instance is compliant with Voyage Information Service Design v2.2 that was elaborated in the STM Validation Project and accepts the payload formats RTZ (Route Exchange Format v1.1STM), TXT (STM TextMessage) and S-124 (Navigational Warning v0.7.0).

Further information can be found here:

Navelink Service VIS Hotel