At Navelink’s Developer Forum in November, we delved into the ongoing work on the SECOM Hotel development, and Mikael Olofsson held a demo on the SECOM upload interface. Here are a few of the key insights from the meeting. 


Development of the SOCOM Hotel  

SECOM Hotel Development Purpose: 

Our primary goal is to seamlessly complement the VIS Hotel STM Services, providing users with a clear pathway to transition to advanced SECOM services. Users, being the information owners, hold the authority to shape the methods and types of data signing, ensuring a tailored and secure experience. 


Certificate Discussions: 

The ongoing discussions around certificates underscore the nuanced aspects of secure data transmission within SECOM. This continual dialogue ensures that we address every concern comprehensively, maintaining the highest standards of data security. 


SECOM Technical Design: 

The SECOM data definition is now registered on Navelink MSR. Looking ahead, our users can anticipate the introduction of SECOM test services, aligning theory with practical implementation in real-world scenarios. 


Demo on SECOM Upload Interface by Mikael Olofsson 

Our recent demo showcased the robustness of the SECOM Service Interface, which is well-defined and standardized, ready for immediate use. The SECOM Upload interface streamlines data transfer between SECOM Services, using JSON-crafted upload objects enveloped in a signed package for secure information exchange. The process involves multiple steps, ensuring the integrity and security of transmitted data. Notably, SECOM Upload is payload-agnostic, allowing for the incorporation of various data formats, including ZIP files. A comprehensive template will be in place, guiding developers through the step-by-step process of interfacing their data with SECOM services. 


Next Meeting on 2024-01-25 

Mark your calendars for our next Developer forum meeting scheduled for January 25, 2024, where we’ll delve deeper into the evolving landscape of maritime technology, including a presentation held by Nikolaos Vastardis from GLA. He will illuminate the design and implementation of SECOM Services, with a specific focus on the Service for S125 Aids to Navigate. 


As we navigate the complex waters of maritime technology, Navelink remains committed to ensuring secure, standardized, and innovative solutions. Stay tuned for further developments as we steer towards a more connected maritime future. 


Author: Milena Dalinaros